Senior Radio Frequency Design Engineer

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Salt Lake City, UT
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Direct Hire
Aug 28, 2018
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Senior Radio Frequency (RF) Design Engineer: SLC

Experience developing RF front-end hardware for high-data-rate communication systems. The RF Design Engineer will be working as a key member of a high-energy RF design team with a focus on developing RF front-end hardware.  This is an excellent opportunity for a senior engineer looking for their next step, and an opportunity to be a part of an innovative organization.
Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
  •      RF circuit design & analysis  
  •      RF hardware development  
  •      RF circuit card design and PWB layout  
  •      Supporting development of system architecture 
  •      Deriving RF hardware design requirements from system-level specifications  
  •      Testing & debugging hardware  
  •      Generating technical documentation  
  •      Estimating RF hardware design tasks, identifying risks, and planning development 
  •      Conducting internal/external design reviews 
  •      Giving presentations to client customers  
  •      Leading or working with cross-functional teams on new technology development 
  •      Interact with internal and external engineering teams 
  •      Mentoring other engineers  
  • This position requires a BSEE or MSEE degree and at least 10 - 15 years of direct work experience in RF design and application of advanced RF engineering principles.
  • Candidate must have an academia backgound in electro-magnetic (EM) and RF/microwave theory. 
  • Good verbal, written communication, and excellent analytical skills are essential for this position.
  • Ability to work independantly, as well as direct and coordinate work of multi-disciplinary engineering teams to assure the successful development of RF systems and assemblies.
  • Experience designing RF CCA's operating at frequencies ranging from UHF through E-band. Design activities will include frequency synthesizers, Up/down converters, front-end electronics and other RF electronics for various antenna tracking techiniques.
  • Experience with a 3-D and/or 2.5-D RF modeling tools such as CST Microwave Studio, Ansoft HFSS, AWR Microwave Office or ADS is a plus.
  • Candidate must understand the critical performance characteristics of passive and active RF components such as Amplifiers, Oscillators, Attenuators, Mixers and Filters.  An understanding of how these characteristics relate to a communication system's performance is a plus. 
  • Candidate must have a working understanding and knowledge of S-parameters (matching networks, cascade analysis,  …), Gain budget analysis (Gain, NF, Linearity, Noise power, … ), and Filtering (types, bandwidth, implementations, … ).
  • A strong understanding of noise figure/noise temperature (Eb/No, BER vs. noise, receiver sensitivity, and expected value and variance), temperature effects, interconnection (standard and non-standard impedances), and isolation requirements.
  • Candidate must have experience with defining RF architectures, creating link budgets and performing system-level gain/distortion anaylsis.
  • Knowledge of Link Budget Analysis, including nonlinear effects and their remedies (inter-modulation, IP3, IP2, group delay variation, and dynamic range) is essential.  
  • Knowledge of prime-power budgets and how to design for temperature extremes, heat transfer, and circuit protection modulation.
  • Familiar with, and maintains knowledge of  industry trends.  Help develop roadmaps utilizing the latest technologies to increase system and sub-assembly capabilities, and lower the cost, size, weight and power.
  • Familiar with design techniques for RF tracking such as CONSCAN and Monopulse.
  • Familiar with SATCOM standards for both military and commercial applications.
  • Familiarity with MIL-STDs is preferred.
  • Must be proficiencent with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus familiar with MS Project software. 
Benefits: flexible work schedule, buy up to 80 hours of additional vacation, access on-site health clinic, work out in on-site fitness center, eat in on-site cafes with healthy food discounts, 
ride shuttles or bicycles around campus, take advantage of tuition reimbursement, access Company Perks, and much more!