Director of Behavior Services

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Salt Lake City, UT
Job Type
Direct Hire
Dec 05, 2018
Job ID
Director of Behavior Services-Salt Lake City, UT
Reports to: Executive Director
Responsible for the supports clients mission and values by overseeing behavioral health team and providing guidance on behavior plans in support of company’s clients. 
·      Master’s Degree required in Social Science, Special Education, other related field, with BCBA
·      Must have at least five years experience in supervision, coaching, management, training, and development of behaviorists working in the disability field.
·      The ability to create innovative program solutions for people with disabilities.
·      Experience implementing systems to monitor program policy/procedure and contractual compliance
·      Must communicate effectively in individual or group situations, including demonstrating listening, writing, and interpretive skills.
·      Ability to build relationships and to communicate with multiple customers.
·      Ability to interpret and implement client policies/procedures regarding supports.
·      Familiarity with medical and psychological treatment.
·      Ability to work flexible hours and travel.
·      Ability to problem solve with physicians and clinical staff
·      Knowledge of mental health and behavioral health services and medication
·      Ability to build relationships and to communicate with multiple customers
·      Knowledge of contemporary theory, employee relations practices, and financial administration
·      Knowledge of professional standards and practice for areas of responsibility.
·      Communicates, writes, advises, and consults on complex material.
·      Excellent organization and planning skills
·      Ability to write all necessary materials and communications including policies, procedures and other required written material
·      Demonstrates good judgment in decision making and ability to handle stressful situations
·      Ability to prioritize and follow through on multiple tasks/projects
·      Self directed and works with minimal supervision.
·      Ability to prepare programmatic and administrative budgets and interpret budget results.
·      Responsible for the business operations of client Behavior Services, to include:
o   Program Development
o   Financial 
o   Maintenance of Productivity and Contractual Requirements
o   Employee Relations
·      Oversee daily operational activities
·      As a supervisor, ensure that behaviorists effectively perform the essential functions of their positions, that assistance is provided to people receiving support, and both are done through the implementation of the client Mission, Vision, and Values and according to the supports client is contracted to provide.
·      Provide management and supervision of client Behaviorists in a manner that meets and exceeds the expectations of client Consumers. 
·      Monitor and review procedures to ensure client satisfaction
·      Ensure all federal and state laws and mandates are satisfied
·      Oversee the tracking and monitoring of all clinical data resources and benchmarking toward process improvement
·      Develops, manages, and monitors the operational budget.
·      Develop, identify, and implement best practices, and ensure contractual requirements of all funding sources are being met
·      Continually developing strategies for expanding services and programs
·      Partner with HR to build promotional material 
·      Develops business plans for new programs and resources
·      Participates in strategic planning
·      Liaison on matters relating to the functioning of Behavior Services
·      Maintain confidentiality when handling sensitive company information
·      Represents all client Companies in a positive manner through appearance and professional conduct
·      Travel statewide up to 50%. Travel out of state as needed.
·      Perform all other duties, as assigned
Ability to effectively communicate with a variety of people in person and by telephone
Ability to perform computer skills; word processing, typing, internet searches and the ability to complete assignments by sitting at a keyboard for occasional long periods of time
Ability to work under stressful conditions that may include dealing with difficult people and handling multiple work assignments
Must be self-motivated, open-minded, decisive, flexible, innovative, and creative in planning and problem-solving
Must be able to communicate well with others, work as a team, and lead by example and direction
Ability to quickly respond to health, safety, and emergency situations