Assistant Controller

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Salt Lake City, UT
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Direct Hire
Apr 18, 2019
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Assistant Controller
Job Description Summary Salt Lake City Utah
The Assistant Controller helps the Controller and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in their responsibilities for the financial aspects of the Bank, including; accounting, financial reporting, HTM portfolio tracking, call report, asset/liability management, coordination with internal/external auditors, ALLL, Senior Secured Loan Participation loan portfolio and Strategic Partner financial audits.
The Assistant Controller reports to the Controller and under his direction, supervises the activities of other members of the finance department staff.
The Assistant Controller must be conversant with relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations, regulatory guidance and statements of policy. He or she is responsible for preparing the Bank’s financial reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
•   Ensure maintenance of accurate books and records as well as appropriate controls over financial reporting, including review of journal entries, reconciliation of all balance sheet account to sub- ledgers and all daily and month-end reporting.
•   Facilitate accurate and timely execution of monthly and quarterly closes by reviewing financial statements, balance sheet and income statement reconciliations, and subsidiary ledgers prepared by staff (for consolidated and unconsolidated entities) and implementing process improvements and internal controls as needed.
•   Administer and maintain reporting for HTM loan portfolios. This includes monthly service invoicing, balance reporting, percentage of hold reporting, payment remittance reporting and payment wires to the participant. 
•   Ensure that GAAP financial statements (quarterly reviews and annual audits), regulatory reports, SEC disclosures, and management reports are prepared accurately and timely. 
•   Plan and execute SP audits, including designing audit procedures based on internal risk assessment, executing site visits and data collection for the audit tests. 
•   Maintain the accounting software database and produce ‘ad hoc’ queries used for financial reporting, management reporting and auditor field work. Submit and follow up on product improvements and updates. 
•   Prepare and take ownership of Call Report, preparation of schedules and the actual report in an accurate and timely manner.
•   Assist, as required by senior management, in audit, quality control and risk assessment-related functions. Participate in the development and implementation of new processes, procedures, policies and controls where needed to improve, implement and streamline.
•   Attend relevant industry conferences and meetings and stay involved in ongoing training and educational opportunities to ensure skills and knowledge are maintained and best practices are implemented at the Bank. 
•   Preparation of the monthly ALCO reports.
•   Maintain the accounting records of small affiliate company.
•   Review and maintain SSLP loan portfolio. This includes maintaining accuracy of loan reconciliation to lead bank notification and internal loan quality rating. 
•   Prepare and analyze changes in the loan portfolio, and maintain the ALLL, including Q&E factors to reflect an accurate ALLL reserve on the portfolio.
•   Administer and maintain reporting for SSLP participation servicing. This includes monthly service invoicing, balance reporting, percentage of hold reporting, payment remittance reporting and payment wires to the participant. 
•   Mentor, train and monitor staff.
•   Coordinate quarterly reviews and annual audits with the Bank’s external auditors and the parent company’s auditors.
•   Participate in the Bank’s weekly liquidity meetings.
•   It is the responsibility of every employee to help ensure that the Bank and its Strategic Partners are in compliance with applicable regulations.
Position Requirements
•   Bachelor's degree in Accounting
•   2 to 5 years of public accounting experience
•   CPA License
•   Experience in the banking industry (preferred)
•   Experience working in an accounting, book keeping, cash management, financial reporting, accounts payable, etc.
•   Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
•   Solid computer skills with Microsoft Office software
•   Excellent oral and written communication skills
•   Experience with general ledger accounting
•   Advanced Excel/spreadsheet skills
•   Good people-management and interpersonal skills including the ability to work well in a team or on an individual basis.
•   Excellent ability to analyze complex issues and identify suitable solutions.
•   Ability to interface effectively with other departments and operate in a fast paced environment with minimum supervision.
•   Ability to recognize and focus on critical issues. Flexibility to balance and respond to competing needs within the organization.
•   Willing to work flexible schedule.
•   Willing to stay after hours to finish special projects.
•   Assertive self-starter, with exceptional professional verbal/written skills, who is highly organized and able to work independently to finish assigned projects.