Electrical Engineer

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Salt Lake City, UT
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Direct Hire
Feb 10, 2017
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Electrical Engineer – Salt Lake City, Utah – Relocation is available for this role
Electrical Engineers with comprehensive experience in the design and debugging of custom digital, analog, and battery-operated devices.


 Education and Experience

    Must be a U.S. Citizen eligible for U.S. Security Clearance
    ABET Accredited BS/MS in Electrical Engineering
    3+ Years Engineering Experience
    Digital and Microprocessor System Design
    Energy and Low-Power System Design
    Analog System Design/Simulation
    Very Small, High-Density Electrical Design

    Current U.S. security clearance is preferred
    Risk Management
    Configuration Management
    Experience Developing Consumer Products
    Developing Low-Cost, Highly-Robust Systems

CANDIDATE WILL HAVE EXPERIENCE IN  ONE OR MORE OF THE TECHNOLOGIES LISTED BELOW:  Digital Systems (Processors, Logic Systems), Processors, Memory (DDR2/3/4, NOR/NAND Flash), Logic Systems, Digital Interfaces (USB 3.0, LVDS, PVle,) Analog systems (Low Noise, High Sensitivity, Signal Processing, A/D and D/A  up to 24 bit, Audio Processing, Control Systems)  Embedded Systems (8/16/32/64 Bit, Microprocessor systems, Microcontroller Systems, RISC/MIPS/DSP Architecture, Custom Systems Development) Wireless Systems (Bluetooth 4.0 standard and BLE, WiFi - 802.11 802.15.4 Systems including Zigbee, Contiki, JenNET, Zwave, MURS, Custom Transceiver Systems, Proprietary Frequencies, High Power Transmitters, Near Field Communication, Infrared IR Communication, RF Testing Evaluation, Intentional Transmitters certifications), Imaging Systems (CMOS Image Sensor), Illumination Control (LED, CCFL, Laser) Battery and Recharging Circuits (Low power Optimization, Primary Cell and Rechargeable Cell Design including Lithium Ion/Lithium Polimer, NiMH/NiCad, Advanced Charging Systems, Battery Management)