Due Diligence Analyst

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Slat Lake City, UT
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Direct Hire
Mar 16, 2017
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Due Diligence Analyst – Strategic Partnerships (“Analyst”),  Salt Lake City, UT.  – Relocation is available for this position

The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and is an FDIC insured, Utah state chartered bank.  The company is a leading national provider of online consumer and small business loans made in partnership with finance companies, OEMs, retailers and financial technology companies.
Due Diligence Analyst

The Analyst will assist with the overall due diligence process and support the management/execution of the transaction. The Analyst reports to the Vice President of Due Diligence and Implementation (“VP DD&I”) and is responsible for assisting the VP DD&I in the management of in-depth due diligence of new SP’s and Strategic Partner Programs, new products with existing SP’s, and process optimization and redesign. Additionally, the Analyst will be a primary relationship manager with Visa and MasterCard related to Bin# management, Program management, and data processes and design.  The Analyst shall be a point of contact for each prospective partner through program launch. The Analyst interacts with, and is supported by each respective department within the Bank and third-party resources (e.g. outside counsel, independent third-party specialists) that are required to complete the due diligence process.


·       Be a point of contact for prospective partners in order to assist in managing the Bank’s in-depth due diligence and implementation processes through program launch.

·       Assist in the management of the approval process of prospective partners.

·       Act as the Due Diligence & Implementation team’s interface and project manager with Visa, MasterCard, and any related 3rd party processing companies required to support Bank Programs.

·       Responsible for supporting all aspects of the process related to underwriting and diligence of prospective partners.

·       Initial review of documentation received from prospective partners.

·       Manage all documentation related to new and existing partnerships.

·       Assist in developing the credit policy for new programs.

·       Throughout the due diligence and implementation process, work closely with senior management and respective Bank departments (Compliance, Credit and Finance), as well as Third Party firms and Outside Counsel.

·       Support the VP Due-Diligence & Implementation to introduce and utilize new technology solutions

·       Lead & engage in redesign, efficiency, optimization, and reporting efforts to structurally improve Due Diligence & Operations

·       Schedule meetings and coordinate scheduling of site visits which includes creation of the agenda for the visit.

·       Responsible for tracking all items that require remediation identified during due diligence, the site visit, and third-party audits. Additionally, coordinate with the senior management team and partner to prioritize remediation items.

·       Assist with the creation of the internal approval memo by working with the respective departments to complete the various sections of the document and compile them into the master document.

·       Coordinate the completion of risk assessments and compile the master Risk Assessment document.

·       Edit internal approval documents and provide other support in preparation of the new partner and partner program submission process.

·       Support the VP DD&I and SVP Business Development in managing the submission and presentment of proposed new partners and partner programs to senior management, the Bank’s internal approval committee, and Board of Directors.

·       Coordinate implementation of new Strategic Partner Programs.

·       Manage all administrative aspects of the implementation of the program which includes: (1) coordinate training between the Bank and the partner, (2) ensure all remediation items from the due diligence process have been completed, (3) confirm relevant processes have been successfully tested (4) coordinate the receipt of required reporting and (5) maintain the implementation approval tracking form.

·       Support the VP Ops/Oversight in interacting with the respective Bank departments related to new program implementation.

Position Requirements

·       Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 4 - 6 years of project management experience. Due Diligence or audit experience preferred.

·       3 - 5 years of experience in operations or analytical support roles related to credit card portfolio(s)

·       Experience managing and/or supporting relationships between financial institutions and Visa and/or MasterCard, particularly related to Bin# and file management

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills with attention to detail

·       Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically advanced knowledge in Excel

·       Experience evaluating transactional risk and providing analysis to executive leadership and board of directors

·       Strong project management experience

·       Experience in financial services or consumer finance