BIM Engineer

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Hillsboro, OR
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Direct Hire
Aug 15, 2017
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A BIM Engineer will work as a member of the Quality and Innovation Group with project teams and self-performed work groups to improve delivery using Building Information Models – BIM. A BIM Engineer will take on responsibilities in the following areas. Continued growth in these areas lead to career paths in Design Management, Estimating, Project Management and Superintending. The BIM Engineer will work in the Hillsborough, OR office

Model Development:

Develop schematic level and detailed models based upon libraries of parametric or solid objects.
These models may include structure, interior and exterior architectural elements, and mechanical and electrical systems.
Create new library components as needed.
Lead  teams or work with vendors to laser scan existing structures. Coordinate delivery of a 3D object model created from laser scan data by the vendor.
Coordinate with BIM service providers to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of 3D object models.
Preconstruction Contracts:

Prepare BIM requirements and work scopes for incorporation in the Owner and sub-trade contracts.
Object Definitions
Develop modeling protocols and standards for use by design professionals to link with estimating approach and system.
Take-off Quantities
Produce material quantity reports from 3D models for DPR estimators.

Identify long lead subcontract items and integrate them into 4D simulations of the construction schedule.
Schedule and expedite submittals of shop / fabrication level models for timely approval.
Trade Coordination:

Participate and head up the model coordination meetings with stakeholders such as owner, architects and engineers and subcontractors.
Prepare and distribute follow-up action items for subcontractor detailers and modelers
Review all subcontractor and vender shop drawing level models for compliance with contact documents and coordination with all other items of work.
Use BIM to identify conflicts, incomplete or ambiguous design information and study questions/issues presented by subs, venders, designers, crews and staff or others.
Use BIM to resolve and document construction solutions promptly, including - when necessary - interfacing with designers, engineers or the Owner.
Record trade model coordination sign offs.

Construction Details:

Prepare “shop drawing” level 3D models such as concrete forms and wall frame detailing under direction of Superintendent for use by  crews or subs.
Work closely with Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents and foremen to model construct-ability issues and solutions for self-performed work.
Calculate quantities from 3D models for material orders and crew work planning.
Produce dimensioned drawings for layout and pre-fabrication from the model.
Participate in job layout driven by 3D model data. Verify elevations and dimensions using computer driven survey and modeling equipment such as Total Station.
Planning & Scheduling:

Master and Phase Schedules
Work collaboratively with design professionals to develop the Design Phase Schedule to support the Master Schedule. Monitor, update and revise the Design Phase Schedule to reflect progress and on-going team planning.
Prepare, monitor and update 4D simulations of Master and Phase Schedules
Develop the Modeling and Coordination Schedule to support the Master Schedule.
Weekly Construction Coordination:

Prepare coordinated model and 4D simulations of completed and upcoming production plans for review by subcontractor foremen.
Evaluate construction installations for conformity to 3D coordinated models and sequencing agreements.
Model Change Control:

Develop 3D object models to illustrate contractor questions and possible solutions.
Update as-built and revised Building Information Model to reflect changes in scopes.
Maintain BIM revision log.
Distribute new and revised models showing changes and responses to design questions to all affected parties.
Derive material quantities for self performed Change Order work from 3D models.


Autodesk BIM Applications:
1. Autodesk AutoCAD
2. Autodesk Revit Architecture
3. Autodesk Revit Structure
4. Autodesk 3D Studio Max
5. Autodesk Navisworks
6. Autodesk Inventor
7. Autodesk Design Review
8. Autodesk Buzzsaw
9. Autodesk QTO
Other BIM Applications:
1. Tekla Structures
2. Tekla Precast Concrete Detailing
3. Strucsoft Metal Wood Framer
4. Vico Control
5. Vico Office
6. Innovaya Visual Estimating Suite
7. Bentley Microstation
8. Bentley BIM Applications
9. Bentley ProjectWise Collaboration and Navigator System
10. Synchro 4D
11. Solibri Model Checker
12. Google SketchUp

Experience and Education:

A 4 year College Degree in Construction Engineering and Management; Architecture; minimum  5+ years experience in utilizing BIM software.